Anal fissure or fissure-in-ano is a common proctologic disease. Although seemingly trivial, it can lead to extreme discomfort and pain in anal region especially during and after passing stools. The condition is usually noticed as a small drop of blood on the toilet paper or a streak of blood on stools. One may feel itchy in the area. An acute fissure can lead to intense pain during defecation as there is a tear in the skin around the anus. The anal skin has a rich nerve supply, therefore even a small tear causes extreme pain. Many people describe it as a sharp, intense, burning pain, making it very uncomfortable to sit down. A patient suffering from fissure dreads even the thought of going to the toilet. Slightly more common in females, fissures are often found in young adults. When a fissure becomes chronic, pain may be less but it may be associated with a sentinel pile or an anal papilla which is felt like a small piece of extra skin in the area.


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Many a times, an acute fissure heals on its own. However, in case it doesn’t heal in 4-5 days orif you have a chronic fissure, it’s best to visit a Proctologist.
Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (PLIS/LIS) is commonly used to heal a fissure and prevent recurrance. The procedure helps by lowering the resting pressure of the internal anal sphincter.

However, with the advent of Laser, the treatment of chronic fissure has moved in its favour. The procedure is called Laser Sphincterotomy (LSP) and is almost bloodless. Additionally, the chronic fibrosed scar is debrided with the laser. This prevents any long term discomfort and enables a quicker recovery.


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Having worked in the field of coloproctology for year, Dr Saket Goel has immense experience and expertise in this field. So, for someone suffering from an anal fissure or any other anorectal problem like piles, fistula or constipation, should come and meet him and take advantage of his expertise as a Proctologist.

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