Our Services

We know all cancer survivors can benefit from learning from individuals who share their experience, receiving answers to their questions, addressing their fears, and regaining a sense of control. Throughout the community we share information and prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer because when cancers are detected earlier more options are available to pursue a better prognosis. The ongoing potential for positively impacting the communities we serve is endless, and we optimistically approach the challenge to meet all needs of cancer survivors and their families.

Our mission is "To enhance the quality of life for those living with cancer and to provide the gift of life through education."

More than 75% of the community will be either personally diagnosed or affected by cancer in their lifetime. Cancer Services provides hope for those facing cancer and for those sustaining them. 

Compassion, patient advocacy, resources, education and personal assistance remain our tools of service for our family of clients. We assist individuals from the point of diagnosis through long-term survivorship or death with an array of services. We believe it is important to remain relevant to the ever-changing needs of cancer survivors and their families, so we evolve and create programs based on current needs.

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